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Visiting UMIB collaborator

UMIB seminar by Prof. Ariane de SouzaProf. Ariane de Souza is our invited speaker to UMIB Seminars 2019!

Prof. Ariane de Souza, Assistent Professor at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brasil, and collaborator of the Biology & Genetics of Reproduction research group of UMIB, was invited to hold a seminar as part of her institutional visit to UMIB.

Her seminar will be entitled "Impactos do herbicida à base de glifosato em células de mamíferos: ensaios in vivo e in vitro", and it will be held at 13h, 6th December 2019, at the Amphiteathre 1 of ICBAS/FF.

More details about Prof. Ariane's seminar are available in SIGARRA. The admission to this seminar is free.

We hope to see you there!


UMIB research at the Neurologia 2019

Ernestina Santos, MD, PhD, at the Neurologia 2019, representing the awarded team.UMIB researchers have been awarded at the Neurologia 2019!

A work entitled "Optical Neuromielitis spectrum disease: National multicentric registry" has been awarded the Orlando Leitão Prize, given by the Portuguese Society of Neurology.

This prize was announced at the congress "Neurologia 2019", which was held on the 16th November 2019, in Coimbra, Portugal. At this congress the work, involving several members of the Autoimmunity & Neurosciences group of UMIB were involved, was selected for Oral Communication.

Besides this work, our Autoimmunity & Neurosciences research group presented 7 Oral Communications and 2 Posters.


BSc Research Grant

3 BSc research grants - "Spermboost" project!3 BSc research grants - "Spermboost" project!

A total of 3 BSc research fellows are now open in the scope of "Spermboost: improving sperm preparation and cryopreservation for Assisted Reproductive Technologies", funded by Merck KGaA.

The applications are now open and will be until the 2nd December 2019. Apply now!

Grant 1: Official announcement
Grants 2 & 3: Official announcement


Research Technician

Job opportunity as Research Technician - "TRaitor" project!Job opportunity as Research Technician - "TRaitor" project!

A vacancy is now open for a Research Technician on the project "TRaitor - Tracking TRAnsgenerational epigenetic Inheritance of metabolic diseases Transmitted via overweight or obese fathers" (PTDC/MEC-AND/28691/2017).

This opportunity is open until 18th November 2019. Please, read here the full announcement of this open position.


Open class "History of Medicine" 2019

Open class "History of Medicine""History of Medicine - Places of memory"

The "House of Commons" of the Rectory of University of Porto, in association with ICBAS and the Museum Abel Salazar will organize a Open Class on the "History of Medicine".

This event, under the motto "Places of Memory", will take the participants into a voyage throughout the History - and the places - which constitute the History of Medicine, its teaching and development, in the city of Porto.

The open class will be held at the Auditorium of the "House of Commons", at the Rectory of University of Porto, on the 20th November, at 14 o'clock.

We hope to see you there!


3rd International Conference on Food Contaminants

ICFC2019 full programmeUMIB researcher is an invited speaker at the 3rd ICFC!

Marco G. Alves, PhD, researcher of the Biology & Genetics of Reproduction research group of UMIB, is one of the invited speakers at the 3rd International Conference on Food Contaminants: Challenges on Risk Assessment, held in Aveiro on the 26th and 27th September 2019.

His talk will be entitled "Sperm quality is dangerously low worldwide: is there and environmental/food factor?".

You can find the full programme here.

UMIB researchers were present at the "SEHIT 2019"!


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