Departamento de Ensino, Formação e Investigação

Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto

Established: 28th September 2007
Clinical Director: José Barros, MD, PhD
Administration Council President:
Dr. Paulo Barbosa, MD
Nursing Director:
Eduardo Alves, BN
Website: http://www.chporto.pt/

Brief description:

The Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto (CHUP) is one of Portugal’s leading clinical and University hospitals. CHUP aims for the best clinical assistance connected to research and innovation, supported by academic and healthcare professionals, ensuring that its activity reveals the leading position of the Hospital in terms of excellence, quality and translation.

The Hospital Center is structured as a campus supported by three areas: the Hospital de Santo António (HSA) devoted to multisystem diseases and infectious disorders; Centro Materno-Infantil do Norte (CMIN) for mother and child and Centro de Genética Médica (CGM) for genetics. The Hospital has a total capacity of 735 beds, 26 day hospital beds and 35 surgical rooms. A benchmarking analysis carried out by IASIST recognized CHUP as the clinical leader in Portugal, giving it the best position in technologies and information systems for decision making in the health sector. CHUP was awarded in the last five years as the Hospital with the best performance in Portugal.

CHUP is the affiliate Hospital for the Master in Medicine of ICBAS, University of Porto, integrating the Academic Clinical Center ICBAS-CHUP. The hospital has a long tradition in internships, assuring the training in almost all the medical specialities. Additionally, the Hospital has an active participation in Erasmus+ programmes and mobility programmes with Brazil. The Department of Education, Training and Research (DEFI) of CHUP offers wide support for clinical researchers, working in partnership with academia, funding agencies and the industry. DEFI has a close connection with the Unit for Multidisciplinary Research in Biomedicine | UMIB | ICBAS in the development of specific research areas. DEFI, through its Clinical Trials Unit, contributes to the development of trials (phases I to IV) and medical devices studies, by providing the management, funding and budget. The aim is to routinely offer patients, in all specialities, the opportunity to participate in high quality clinical research, with a distinctive emphasis on interventional studies.

CHUP is a scientific partner of the Portuguese Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (PtCRIN), which is connected to the European Network Infrastructure ECRIN. DEFI promotes partnerships with other hospitals, universities as well as other research institutions. The level of specialization of the hospital, coupled with the high competencies in care and clinical research capacity, prompted the attribution of sixteen national reference centers and the inclusion of CHUP in six European networks of rare diseases.

Contact details:


Edifícios Satélite, Neoclássico e Dr. Luís Carvalho
Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto
Largo do Prof. Abel Salazar
4099-001 Porto

Rua D. Manuel II, s/n
4050-345 Porto

Telephone: (+351) 222 077 545
Fax: (+351) 222 082 166

Edifícios Satélite, Neoclássico e Dr. Luís Carvalho


Centro Materno Infantil do Norte (CMIN)
Largo da Maternidade
4050-371 Porto

Telephone: +351 222077500

Centro de Genética Médica Dr. Jacinto Magalhães (CGMJM)
Praça Pedro Nunes 88
4099-028 Porto

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: +351 226070351
Fax: +351 226070399

Centro Materno Infantil do Norte (CMIN)

Centro de Genética Médica Dr. Jacinto Magalhães (CGMJM)

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