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EFSD Albert Renold Travelling Grant

Luís Crisóstomo, MScUMIB researcher has been awarded with an "EFSD Albert Renold Travelling Grant"!

Luís Crisóstomo, MSc, PhD student and researcher of the Biology and Genetics of Reproduction research group, has been awarded with an EFSD Albert Renold Travelling Grant.

This grant is attributed by the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD) “to enable scientists and clinicians to travel and stay at other institutions in order to learn specific techniques or clinical skills required for the advancement of their diabetes research project”.

Luís will work on a new collaboration at the University of Turku (Finland), under supervision of Prof. Noora Kotaja. This international experience will complement his PhD project, “Paternally induced transgenerational effects of high fat diets”, which is being developed at ICBAS-UP under the supervision of Marco G. Alves, PhD, and co-supervision of Mário de Sousa, MD, PhD and João F. Raposo, PhD, MD.


UMIB researchers were present at the "SEHIT 2019"!


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